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Security & Protection

Although functional, practical, and beautiful, windows, glass doors, and other glass features can make up the weakest points in a building’s envelope. They are at a high risk of incurring damage – natural or unnatural – as well as a potential cause of personal injury and property damage.

It is therefore, imperative that some sort of security film be applied to ensure the stability and durability of your windows or glass and the safety of family, guests, employees, and property.

Security window films or tints are made from PET and are bonded to the glass. This film holds the glass together and firmly in place should it be hit, shaken, or broken – preventing the production of large sharp shards or flying projectiles. In severe weather, people and property in the surrounding area can feel easy as the film should protect them from injury or damage. Security window films protect you against criminals who use windows as quick access points – preventing breaking and entering through windows or glass doors. Another advantage of window film is the fact that when a window is smashed the film acts to keep the shattered glass intact saving time and money on clean-up. Security window films can also be applied to cars to reduce secondary injuries in accidents as well as hinder crime by preventing smash-and-grabs and deterring hijackers.

When a professional, like our trusted staff, applies your security window film, you can be guaranteed excellent skills and service. No bubbles, no creases, and perfect retrofit application. If you’re interested in applying security window film, please let us know by contacting us today!

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